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Vario Shade

Transitional Film

For light and heat optimization


VARIO SHADE is a self-tinting film that changes from a lighter to a darker tint when exposed to sun light. On sunny days, VARIO SHADE reacts to the sun’s light intensity and becomes darker, reducing sun heat and glare. On cloudy, rainy days and at night, it remains lighter, maximizing available day light. No connections or electric wires required. VARIO SHADE is available in grey and blue. 


Heat reduction

Reduces glare and improves visual appearance

Light optimization

Easy and simple installation

Savings on artificial lighting, heating and cooling

Elegant look and aesthetically pleasing


White boardroom


Office & boardroom partition screens, doors, sliding/folding doors, windows, roof-lights, university classrooms, changing rooms, etc...



External windows, Patio Doors, Skylights, Balustrades...

Camper Van


Cars, sunroofs, RVs, etc...

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